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The importance of real estate photography

Planning to sell your home?
To make a difference in the wide range of houses for sale you should make sure you invite a professional photographer to make the photo’s of your home.
The professional photographer can make the difference so your house can stand out in the crowd.

I’m sure we all spent some time on real estate sales websites and we can all tell the difference between good and bad. When people are searching for a new home on a real estate website, they only take a maximum of thirty seconds time to see wether they like a house or not. Knowing this you should really make sure that your home is on it’s best when you present it in the internet. Make sure that people see the best of your home to get them triggered to plan a visit.

To often the photography is done by people who don’t have a clue on what they are doing and don’t have any idea on the importance of presenting good images on the internet.
Just to give you an example on what I mean… and I am not joking!

I found these images on a professional real estate website. Do you think these images trigger to plan a visit? I’m very curious on what you think of it, so all comments are welcome!

If you have a question on real estate photography, need any help with some high quality images, feel free to contact me for inquiries at


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Real Estate Photography

Gerlach Delissen Photography has a large experience in real estate photography. In this blog you can find a few samples of my photography work in the housing business. Our photography helps real estate agents and housing companies with a professional view on houses, apartments or other objects and is a big support in real estate sales.

Please contact us for further information or inquiries. We would be pleased to discuss all the possibilities for your business support.

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