Luc Senz Promotional Teaser

Luc Senz is a concept development office for luxury events on various locations. The idea came from the founders Boy Dekeunink and Danny Krichel. They share a passion for Deep House music and love to create unique nights that stimulate all human senses. Pour this into a luxurious and mature experience and you will have what “Luc Senz” stands for.. Style and luxury.

Movie production:
Boy Dekeunink and Danny Krichel (script and edit);
Bij Mooi – Kim Berkhof (styling);
GDP – Gerlach Delissen (Filmography);
Wendy Engel – Model;
Nadine Ley – Model / visagist;
Ruud van Driel – Model;
Andrew R Webster – Model;
Jos Keulders – Lights;
Mijn Streek, Heerlen – shooting location.