F1 – It’s all about the tyres

2013 - Pirelli tyres- © Gerlach Delissen Photography

2013 – Pirelli tyres- © Gerlach Delissen Photography

After the Silverstone Grand Prix main news on Formula 1 was about the Pirelli tyres. The many tyre blow-ups during the British Grand Prix made drivers even decide to boycott the German Grand Prix on the Nürburgring if there would be only one tyre failure. From my point of view a good way to let Pirelli know that safety of all people involved in F1 comes first. If the tyre compound isn’t secure there can’t be a race. Spectators want a spectacular race, but not at all costs.

Pirelli did an excellent job on the tyres they supplied for the German Grand Prix. There haven’t been any failures from the manufactures side. The tyre-sage continued though, in an unexpected way. After the pits stop of Red Bull racing driver Mark Webber a tyre got detached from the car as Mark made his way down the pit lane. The loose wheel hit and injured a camera man who was working in the pit lane.

As a result on this incident the FIA announced an immediate ban on anyone other than event marshals and team personnel being present in the pit lane during races and qualifying sessions. Approved media will only be allowed to the pit wall. In addition to this announcement, the FIA changed to more rules starting of at the next Grand Prix. All team personnel working on a car during a stop will now be required to wear head protection, and the pit-lane speed limit during races will be cut from 100km/h to 80km/h.

As for me I think the rule of wearing helmets won’t change anything to the safety. The accident that happened in the Nürburgring pit lane was just bad luck. An incident and injuries that a helmet couldn’t have stopped. The people who work in the pit lane during the races are all professionals and know what they are doing. So please let them do their job so we can all enjoy their brilliant footage.

So will there be another chapter to the tyre saga as teams make their way to the Hungaroring for their next Grand Prix? Let’s hope not!

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