World famous route D338


D338 autoroute becomes part of the world famous Le Mans racetrack in June.

I hear you think….. What is D338? Why is D338 world famous?

The D338 is just an ordinary auto route thru the French countryside. Except for two weeks in a year. In these two weeks a 6 km long part of the D338, also known as “Ligne Droite des Hunaudières” or “Mulsanne Straight” becomes part of the world greatest racing track, The Circuit de 24 Heures in Le Mans. In the early years of the Le Mans 24 hours, cars use to race down this straight, full throttle to Mulsanne. The top speed ever was set at 407 km/h by a Porsche 917. Due to safety concerns and some fatal accidents on the straight, the organizing Automobile Club de L’Ouest added two chicanes to the straight. Cars still reach top speeds over 310 km/h on the separate sections of the straight.

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