2013 Tour de Mestreech round up

© Gerlach Delissen Photography

Welcome @ Chateau Neercanne – © Gerlach Delissen Photography

On September 7th, 2013 the third edition of the Tour de Mestreech was held. This year’s edition was again a rally for two important charity causes, the Cancer Research and ALS foundation. On early Saturday morning, 35 modern and classic sports cars gathered at the beautiful “Chateau Neercanne” near Maastricht. Amongst these cars were some beautiful Porsche’s, Lagonda, classic Alfa Romeo’s, an Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione, a 1929 Bentley 8 litre, a couple of Ferrari’s and even an exclusive Ferrari F40. The Tour de Mestreech had a line-up to be proud of.

© Gerlach Delissen Photography

Start of the rally – © Gerlach Delissen Photography

Before the start all teams received their roadbook and made all their necessary preparation for the rally. Biggest problem was for the teams with the English cars as they had to convert the entire roadbook from kilometers to miles. After a short briefing all teams were ready and set to go.

At 9.30 the first car was given the green light for the start of the rally. After that, the cars started in a 2 minute sequence and made their way for the first leg of the rally. This first part was a drive from Maastricht thru the beautiful Belgian Ardennes to the first stop at a very scenic location near Spa. Arriving at the “Manoir de Lébioles” all cars parked on the front driveway of this superb castle.

© Gerlach Delissen Photography

Lunch at Manoir de Lébioles in the Belgian Ardennes – © Gerlach Delissen Photography

After an delicious lunch all teams prepared for the second part of the rally. This part was a drive to Moresnet, where the teams had a coffee stop. From Moresnet there was a final leg to go to the finish at the “Chateau St.Gerlach” in Valkenburg aan de Geul. All teams made it safe and sound to the finish at again a beautiful location.

© Gerlach Delissen Photography

Finish at a wet Chateau St. Gerlach – © Gerlach Delissen Photography

The teams experienced a beautiful drive thru Limburg and the Belgian Ardennes. Although the weather wasn’t at its best, it was more then worth the drive.

During the price giving ceremony at the Chateau the two charity foundations receive a cheque of €. 35.000,- euro’s which was gathered by all participating teams and sponsors. The organizing committee can be really proud for organising such a beautiful and successful event for the third time in a row. Preparations for the 2014 Tour de Mestreech edition already started and I believe we can look forward to again a much bigger event then it already was this year.


© Gerlach Delissen Photography

Big applause for all participants and sponsors – © Gerlach Delissen Photography

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